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Boots are essential to keep your little boy's feet warm and dry and not only do they serve a practical purpose, they look great and will go with most of his clothing; including shorts -we know just how much little boys love to wear their wellies in the middle of summer!
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Boots for your Little Soldiers

It is not just wellies that we sell in our boots range; we also sell snow boots and lace-up ankle boots plus many more different styles in an array of attractive colours and designs, so there is an opportunity to buy him various pairs of boots for different occasions and situations.

Are you struggling to warrant buying a pair of boots for every occasion and situation this year? If so, you will find our “What he can wear his boots for” guide a real help when making your final decision.

Here it is. Our “What he can wear his boots for” guide:

  • Wellies - this is the most obvious one. He can wear his wellies for everything and anything. He can wear them in the winter to keep his feet free from the grasp of the snow and rain and he can even wear them when the sun is shining and the temperatures are at their highest! Not only will wellies keep his feet dry while he paddles in streams, but they will protect him from any scrapes he could incur from sharp objects on the river or sea bed.

  • Lace-up ankle boots - these types of boots are excellent for wet and windy weather or smart occasions in the winter months. They can be worn for school to ensure that he doesn't get drenched before he gets there or he can wear them at the weekend for a super trendy look with jeans or chinos.

  • Snow Boots - again this is a pretty obvious one. Snow boots are worn in the snow and in this country, it is highly advisable to grab a pair while you can; especially since we have lots of the white stuff when the winter comes. Snow boots will keep his feet warm and dry, allowing him to play to his heart's content!