Choosing the Right Size Cheap Shoes

It is important for an individual to select the right size shoes for his or her feet. Shoes that are either too small or too large can cause foot related health problems such as bunions, corns and hammertoes. If a person notices any of these conditions, they may need to purchase shoes in a different size.

Both adults and children should have their feet measured by a trained fitter. Adults should purchase casual and dress shoes that are true to their size. Shoes should have a few millimetres of room in the front and back, but should not be too snug or too loose.

Feet tend to swell after exercising or running, so adults who are purchasing running shoes should look for ones that are a size larger than they normally wear. Cheap shoes for kids should be purchased one half or one full size larger than the child's foot to allow room for growth.

To determine if a pair of cheap shoes is the correct fit, an individual can push on his or her big toe with the shoe on; if there is pain, then the shoe is too small. If there is a large gap, then the shoe is too big. Individuals who notice foot pain or red marks on their feet should try using different socks and adjust the laces or straps on the shoes. If neither method solves the problem, then the shoes do not fit correctly and need to be replaced with a different size.