Tips for Buying Boys' Shoes

Boys grow at a very fast rate during their first years of life. Parents may need to purchase cheap boys' shoes every few months to accommodate their boy's growing feet. A boy who wears ill-fitting shoes may have foot pain or calluses, which can be caused by friction from a tight-fitting shoe rubbing his skin.

Infants have small bones, muscles and tendons that benefit from exercise, so keeping their feet in shoes on a regular basis will not provide enough room for the feet to grow properly. Parents should use socks or soft soled slippers on their child during the infancy stage. For toddlers who are starting to walk, shoes should have a leather or rubber sole to provide traction and stability. Children who are under the age of five should have their feet measured every six to eight weeks, as their feet will grow about two sizes per year.

Shoes should provide approximately one adult thumb's width of room between the tip of the shoe and the child's foot. Generally, one size larger than their foot will provide adequate room for growth. The feet of children who are school age will grow about one shoe size per year, so their feet should be measured every three to four months.

Parents should look for colours and styles that will appeal to their sons. A basic black, white or blue-coloured shoe can be matched with a variety of outfits. When it comes to shoes for boys, buying cheap shoes is an ideal way to help a family save money and the shoes can easily be replaced as the child grows. The most important consideration is how the shoe fits, not what designer created the shoe.