Boy’s robot print wellington boots review

These wellies are so much fun, and have a cool standout robot graphic on the side that’s really eye-catching on a grey, rainy day. They add a stylish finishing touch that would brighten up any little boy’s outfit.Click here to view this product

But as well as looking good, they also do the job when it comes to the all-important task of splashing about in puddles. There’s a good grip sole that withstands the rough and tumble of running around in a playground and helps avoid slipping on wet tarmac.

I also really like the material and drawstring toggle at the top of the leg, which stops surplus water and mud getting in the top and soaking the bottoms of trousers and leading to dreaded soggy sock syndrome. I would say the drawstrings are a little too long and there’s surplus cord hanging down, but I might just cut this to fit and knot the ends again – simple!review27a

My son doesn’t need an excuse to go puddle-jumping, as it’s basically the law when you’re two years old, but these designer-looking wellies make it even more fun.

By Lucy

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