Do Tell The Bride: Life Hacks For Finding The Perfect Wedding Shoes

When you’ve spent thousands of pounds on a wedding you want to be able to enjoy it. Unfortunately, many women find themselves struggling to stand after only a couple of hours because their shoes are crippling them – not ideal when you’ve got to walk down the aisle, do the rounds of meet and greets, stand for hours taking photos and dance the night away.

It’s hard work being a bride, and women need their wedding shoes to be as comfy as trainers but as stunning as their diamond ring. Continue reading Do Tell The Bride: Life Hacks For Finding The Perfect Wedding Shoes

Fairy Tales Reimagined as Fashion Brands

Once Upon a Time…

…we all had a favourite fairy tale. A story that took us off to a place of imagination and dreams, helped us to discover the truth or learn an important life lesson. A sprinkling of magic and fantasy gives us a form of escapism from the everyday world. But how do these stories from centuries ago relate to modern day life? Continue reading Fairy Tales Reimagined as Fashion Brands

What Do Your Shoes Say About You? Take The Shoe Quiz To Find Out!

The Big Shoe Personality Quiz


Shoes, shoes, shoes! Got your attention? Good!

Many of us love our shoes, and we particularly fall for certain styles that feel right for us. Whether you go hysterical for heels, love your loafers, have a thirst for trainers, a passion for party shoes or a fondness for flats, you could be giving away more than you think to the people around you.

You might be surprised to know that your choice of shoes is actually a huge indicator of your personality. When we meet someone for the first time, we use lots of visual cues to decide what we think makes them tick. Some of these might well be accurate, and others less so. However, a study by Gillath et al (2012) on shoes as a source of first impressions found that observers could make quite accurate judgements about someone’s personality based merely on a picture of their shoes.

That’s the science bit. But we’re not taking things too seriously…

What’s Your Shoe Personality?

We’ve flipped all this on its head, to see if we can pick out your ‘shoe personality’ based on things you tell us about yourself. In the short quiz below answer a few fun, interactive questions and you’ll be presented with your ‘shoe personality’ at the end.

Maybe you’ll find out you’re already wearing the best shoe to fit your personality, but perhaps you’ll discover a shoe that better encapsulates all that you are. Okay, we admit it. Maybe we’ll get you all wrong, but we’re going to try our best!

Take 5 minutes to find out if we can find your perfect shoe match, you might just have a bit of fun along the way.

Ready to go? Try it out below:

Shoe personality quiz


You’ll even get tested on bravery, with the interactive biscuit dunk! 🙂


shoe quiz - biscuit dunk question

Enjoy the quiz, and don’t forget to share your results on Facebook or Twitter!

shoe quiz results

Why Is Our Footwear Choice So Closely Tied To Our Personalities?

Shoes are a personal choice and there’s plenty of variety available to help us select footwear we feel comfortable in. The underlying motivations of what makes us feel ‘comfortable’ will vary based on our personality type. For some, comfort is what the shoe feels like to wear. For others, it’s how wearing a particular style of shoe makes them feel, helping them to deal with certain situations and feel more comfortable in themselves.

Specific aspects of footwear have been found to correlate with certain personality traits. When it comes to women’s shoes, whether you opt for flat or heeled, as well as the toe shape, brightness and colour all help determine the personality of the wearer.

From time to time we all wear different types of shoes – nobody sticks to the same style for every season or occasion. However, most of us also have a personal style and gravitate towards certain styles of footwear more than others. These are the styles that truly reflect who we are.

Next time you meet someone, look at their shoes and think about what they might tell you about that person. And be aware that others might be doing the same to you, so choose your footwear carefully…

Don’t forget to try the big Shoe Personality Quiz for yourself today!