Do you follow the Mummy Style Code?

Do you follow the Mummy Style Code?

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Are you expecting a baby or have you just had your first? Has your style changed? If so, you’re not the only one!

We’ve been speaking to some of you and found that over three quarters of women change the way they dress when they have their first child, dropping their heel height, ditching high heels, skinny jeans and short skirts as they follow the “Mummy Style Code”.

We surveyed over 2,000 mums and found that most women don’t have a big focus on fashion after becoming a mum and the majority said this is down to being tight on time and looking after children being such a messy job – don’t we just know it!

Here are the top five Mummy style must haves:

  1. Flat shoes, 45% opt for ballet pumps or trainers – of course at Shoe Zone we have loads!
  2. Comfy tops (25%)
  3. Neutral coloured clothing (15%)
  4. Simple patterns on clothing (12%)
  5. A decent coat (20%)

Nearly a third of mums we spoke to said comfort and speed were the biggest priorities when choosing an outfit. Some new mums admitted that they changed their style because they wanted to fit in with other mums and others said they were influenced by what celebrity mums were wearing.

Celebrity Mummies

We also asked new mums about the celebrity mum styles they loved and loathed celebrity. Mums voted Holly Willoughby’s effortless relaxed style on top, while Katie Price was voted the least stylish:

Best dressed celeb mums

  1. Holly Willoughby (18%)
  2. Emma Willis (9%)
  3. Davina McCall (7%)
  4. Kate Middleton (7%)
  5. Myleene Klass (5.5%)

Worst dressed celeb mums

  1. Katie Price (28%)
  2. Kerry Katona (10%)
  3. Kim Kardashian (8%).
  4. Amanda Holden (8%)
  5. Coleen Rooney (6%)

Does this sound familiar? Has your style changed since becoming a mum or do you think your style has stayed exactly the same? Which celebrity mum has the best style in your eyes? We’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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