Winter Proof Your Shoes: Footwear Life Hacks to Get You Through the Winter Months

Winter is fast approaching and when the wet, cold weather rolls in, it really can become a very testing time for your shoes and your feet. This is why we‘ve compiled a list of some of the best Do-It-Yourself footwear lifehacks we could find to make winter life just that little bit easier. Anyone can do them so why not give them a try!


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Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry

There is nothing worse than cold feet, so doing everything you can to keep your tootsies toastie during Winter is an absolute must. Natural fibres such as wool make fantastic insulators, therefore they make excellent insoles for winter boots and shoes. If your favourite pair of boots doesn’t have woollen insoles, fear not! Making your own is cheap and extremely easy to do. Simply take a sheet of felted wool (obtainable from most reputable craft stores), cut to size using your current insole as a template and voila!… A brand-new pair of cosy inserts to ward off the coldest of days.

Even if you have the warmest, cosiest insoles in the world, one of the things the UK has in abundance is rain and never more so than during the Winter months. You can often find yourself coming home after a walk with the dog to soggy socks and sodden shoes… something that you most certainly wouldn’t have signed up for when heading out. A great and inexpensive way to avoid a soaking is the humble sandwich bag. Simply pop one over each foot before putting your shoes on and your feet should remain dry and warm for the duration of the trip.

How to Dry Winter Shoes & Boots

When drying out those sodden shoes, you may be inclined to reach for the paper towels or to stick them next to a radiator but this shouldn’t be done. A much more effective way to dry your winter shoes is to use an old newspaper. Just scrunch up pages then stuff them tightly into each shoe, the moisture will be quickly drawn out leaving your shoes fresh and ready to wear again.

Keep Walking: Avoid Slips & Slides!

Keeping your feet dry is one thing but with the Winter comes the ice and snow and this can spell disaster when it comes to remaining upright. Prevention is definitely better than cure when it comes to nasty ice related bumps. A great way to help on those slippery morning walks to work involves an old pair of shoes and a handful of small screws. All you have to do is carefully insert each of the small screws information around the outer edge of the sole on each shoe. This will dramatically increase grip and allow you to make the perilous journey without issue.

We wouldn’t recommend trying this with new shoes and you should always do this with great care. Screws should be short enough to sit within the sole and not poke through as far as your feet. Once you’ver tried this lifehack your shoes will be damaged, but if you have nothing to see you through the snow and you’ve got an old, tired pair of boots to hand it could be just the ticket.

How To Clean Winter Shoes

So, we’ve had the rain, we’ve had the snow and the ice and now it’s time for the mud. The days of dry, mud-free shoes seem like ancient history and your floor is almost impossible to keep clean. A useful and inexpensive way to keep mess to a minimum is to take an old baking tray and some small pebbles. Place the baking tray with the pebbles near the door ready for shoes to be removed, any water and mud will be filtered through the pebbles, remaining in the tray. All you have to do then is simply remove any dirt ready for reuse.

How to Remove Salt From Winter Boots

As well as endless amounts of mud, another issue we often find with our winter footwear is salt stains. When your lush black boots start to turn white, you know it’s time to act. A great way to remove salt stains from your footwear is a simple mix of water and baking soda. Simply work the mixture into the stain and it will soon be gone without a trace.

TOP TIP: Don’t wear the same shoes two days in a row, this helps prevent bacteria build up.

How To Make Party Shoes More Comfortable

We can’t possibly forget that with Winter, comes party season. When out come the sparkly dresses and the heels that are too high to walk in, you know that things are about to get a little more festive. We’ve included in our list a few little tips to help you dance the night away in your party shoes for just that little bit longer.

Firstly, work out the most comfortable heel height for you. You can do this by relaxing your foot and using a ruler, measure the distance from your heel to the ball of your foot. Once you know what you need for optimum comfort, consider the type of heel to wear. The most comfortable options would be platforms or wedge style heels, shoes with an open or round toe can help too.

Once the dancing is done and the party comes to an end, it’s likely you’ll suddenly notice how tired your feet are. A great way to alleviate any pain is to stretch out the leg muscles to relax them, bathing them in ice for 15 minutes may also help.

TOP TIP: Use lip balm on your heels to prevent blisters forming.

When it comes to winter, taking care of your footwear is a must. It’s easy to forget that your feet need some love too. So why not treat them to a magical foot soak? Using just one cup of Listerine, one cup of white vinegar and two cups of water, your tired feet will feel refreshed and happy once again.

Looking after your feet and shoes during the winter doesn’t have to be a hard or costly task, give our tips a go and we’re certain you’ll never look back, or buy that expensive shoe cleaner ever again! Have a safe and cosy winter 🙂



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