Girls’ Heeled Boots

Girls’ heeled boots are perfect for young ladies who like their footwear to be a little more on the grown-up side. Our selection of girls’ heeled boots features miniature version of our most popular Girl’s Boots, made comfortable for smaller feet. On this page, you’ll find a huge selection of girls boots with heels. Just like our other ranges, we pride ourselves for being big on quality and small on price. Our range of girls’ wedge boots provides a style for just about every occasion and situation you might imagine. There are no-frills ankle boots that’ll work perfectly with a school uniform, as well as more fancy fur-topped boots with all sorts of studs, buckles, and zips as embellishments. Whether she’s wearing a formal skirt, a winter dress, or a pair of jeans, you’ll find a pair of girls boots with heels that’ll complement the look nicely.