How to Neatly Store Cheap Shoes

Families who accumulate a lot of shoes may find their entrance hallway disorganized and cluttered. Shoes left in piles by the front door will make it hard to find certain shoes and can also cause damage to the shoe. Storing shoes properly will help the shoe retain its appearance and reduce clutter.

Dress shoes can be hung on a shoe rack or shoe tree. When storing dress shoes for the season, a shape holder or crumpled non-acid tissue can be placed in the shoe to help it retain its shape. The shoes should then be wrapped in plain tissue paper and placed inside a velvet or cotton bag, then placed inside a shoe box or plastic bin in the closet. Boxes can be stored on a metal organizer or stacked on shelves in the closet. Each box should be clearly labelled with the type of shoe that is inside.

To keep trainers and running shoes stored for daily use, a large box with several pull-out drawers can be placed near the front door. Alternatively, a bookcase with multiple compartments will help keep cheap shoes neatly organized.

Cheap children's shoes can be placed on a metal organizer inside the child's closet or on a shoe rack in the child's room. Fabric bins, plastic totes or under the bed organizers are also ideal ways to store children's shoes. Plimsolls and slippers can be placed inside a cotton or canvas bag and hung on a hook near the front door or in a bedroom closet.