How to Purchase Girls' Shoes

When it comes to cheap shoes for girls, there are a huge number of cute styles and patterns available that may make finding the best pair overwhelming. Shoes for girls should fit comfortably and offer room for growth. Children under the age of five will grow two shoe sizes per year, while older children will grow approximately one shoe size per year. It is important for parents to measure their child's feet regularly to ensure their child is wearing a properly fitted shoe.

Infants and young toddlers have cartilage and muscles in their feet that need room to grow properly, so children at this age should only wear slippers or booties that are not too snug. Once a child starts to walk, shoes should offer stability and traction. A leather or cotton material will mould to the child's foot and ensure a good fit. Heels and backless shoes should be avoided for very young children.

A wide variety of cheap girls' shoes feature quality materials and cute designs that will appeal to girls of all ages. Parents should encourage their child to walk around in the shoes to make sure they fit comfortably. Shoes should have about one finger width worth of space between the tip of the big toe and front of the shoe, but should not be so loose that they slip or fall off. If red marks appear on the child's feet, then the shoe is not the right fit and parents should have their child's feet measured by a trained fitter. The best shoes will be narrower at the heel and wider at the toe to provide ample room for movement and growth, without being constricting.