Looking after Prom Shoes

Whether it is a high-heeled silver prom shoe or jewelled sandal, or maybe a sweet version with a lower heel for a younger girl or teenager, then great care should be taken of the prom shoes so that they last well and don't look scuffed or damaged.

If the shoe is in a pale colour or silver, carefully wipe off any marks with a clean, damp cloth. Patent leather prom shoes are easily looked after and can be buffed and polished to maintain their high gloss appearance. If the prom shoe is made out of a fabric such as satin, or a satin-look fabric, then take great care when removing any marks and be sure to keep them stored in shoe boxes or dedicated storage when not being worn.

Pretty prom shoes come in a variety of styles, from flat ballerina shoes for young girls to elegant high heels for women, and all of these can be sourced at one of our shoe shops, either in store or online. The beauty of buying prom shoes online is that customers can pick a pair today for delivery tomorrow, and purchases can be exchanged or refunded with ease. Whether it's for a garden party, wedding or another special occasion, get the maximum wear out of your prom shoes by looking after them correctly and keeping them in good condition.