Shoes and How to Store Them

Whether piled up at the bottom of the wardrobe, carefully stored in shoeboxes or cubbyholes, shoe racks, bags or the over-the-door shoe tidy, it stands to reason that shoes stored properly will last longer than those which are not. Whether your penchant is for formals, flip flops, trainers, sandals, great furry boots or glam party shoes, every piece of footwear you own will benefit from the proper storage.

In addition to the storage devices themselves, shoes should never be kept underneath or close to a radiator or fire. Shoes hate being left outside overnight - even the most robust working boots object strongly to this treatment! For obvious reasons, avoid keeping trainers in gym kits without letting them see the light of day, and no shoes, especially suede shoes, should be left in damp conditions. Always make sure shoes are clean before putting them away.

In the case of long boots, a shoe tree is a must, especially if your boots are becoming retired for the summer months. Shoe trees are also useful for retaining the shape of any shoes not frequently worn.

The best chance for a long life for your shoes is to store them clean and dry in a closet or on a rack away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight which will, over time, cause shoes to fade. Remember that little paws love all kinds of footwear so wherever you store your shoes, keep them well away from puppies and kittens.