What to Look for When Buying Women's Shoes

Finding cheap shoes that have a snug and supportive fit is imperative for a woman who wants to feel comfortable and avoid certain foot related health problems. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to calluses, plantar fasciitis, and hammertoe. Shoes that don't fit comfortably can also cause toe and heel pain.

Women should purchase trainers that are one thumb's width longer than their big toe or one half to one full size larger than their foot. Shoes for running or exercising should have a firm, shock-absorbing sole. The inner sole should match the arch of the foot. To ensure shoes fit properly, a woman should stand up and bend her knees slightly. If her toes touch the front of the shoe, they are too small.

When buying heels, women should look for a shoe that has a rubber lining on the sole to prevent slipping and make it easier to walk. Shoes that offer a low or medium-sized heel (up to seven centimetres) in height will offer the most stability and help prevent backache. A shoe that features a wedge-shaped heel will be sturdier than one that is narrow or pointed. The toe box of the shoe should feature a round or almond-shaped design to ensure the toes have room to move.

Women should also consider their current wardrobe before buying shoes. White or black-coloured shoes can be matched with any type of outfit.

Cheap women's shoes offer women the opportunity to purchase quality shoes on a budget. To ensure they are well-made, women should make sure the stitching does not appear to be loose, and the inner soles offer cushioned support.