School shoes put to the scuff test – By Tracy

School Shoes for Little Girls My children go through shoes like no-ones business. I’m sure I’m not alone here either; you send your child to school one morning, with brand new shiny school shoes, only to pick them up in the afternoon with scuffed toes where they’ve been playing football.

More expensive shoes last them a bit longer, but not by much and when you have four pairs of feet to buy shoes for, the cheaper the better really! Although this is the difficult bit – finding good quality shoes without the hefty price tag.

Well, Shoe Zone has impressed me once again. My Daughter has been trying out a pair of Girls Black Scuff Resistant School Shoes and for the mere £12.99 that they cost, they are fantastic quality. I always laugh when I see ‘scuff resistant’ displayed on the tags of dainty school shoes as my children could scuff cast iron; but I have to say, after almost a week although there were a few feint scuffs, they still looked brand new.

The 3D flower pattern with pretty stitch detailing and heart cut-outs look really cute and probably more suited to younger girls, although they are available up to a size 3. My 5 year old has decided that she would like a pair, next time she needs new shoes too!

The fit is spot-on and my daughter says that they are extremely comfortable to wear. She’s suffered no ‘new shoe’ rubbing or discomfort and mentioned how “soft” and cushioned the insoles are. The soles also have a good grip, which is helpful on soggy school runs (and let’s face it, we have a lot of those!)

I really can’t fault them, and if you’ve never had a pair of school shoes from Shoe Zone before, definitely give them a try!

By Tracy

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